Laurie Brown has over 25 years experience in the education sector including 14 years at a senior level of which the last 11 has been working with Principals and Senior Management Teams and 6 years with LSIS Improvement Development Services. He is a current inspector and carries enhanced DBS clearance.

He has led teams to move providers from grade 4 to grade 2 on re-inspections and to support actions leading to the removal of Notices to Improve (NTIs).

Five LSIS case studies have been used to show case his work including:
“Teaching, Learning and Assessment- Measuring performance” (2013) and “A revised approach to observation of teaching and learning impacts on success in the classroom” (2012).  

was previously a senior manager at the Berkshire College of Agriculture raising quality from grade 4 to grade 2 and is the author of a top selling text book on horticultural science.

He currently works as an adviser to the sector, including periods of interim management and is embedded in two grade 1 colleges in different ends of the country.