“Extremely informative” “…It was delivered clearly and concisely…”
“Excellent, really helpful, I will be using many aspects of this training with my managers and teaching staff” 2 Counties Training

“Having the initial lesson observations made me realise that, … I had become lax in implementing the skills which used to make my lessons outstanding. Having support from Laurie first helped me to highlight the problems I had and then provided me with useful methods and ideas to improve my practice. The effect on this is that I have recently been assessed by my Principal as delivering an ‘outstanding’ lesson… I’ve really enjoyed the chance to have professional discussions about all aspects of teaching and liked how well Laurie related the training to the school I’m in. Using up to date content made the training feel more useful too.” Devon Studio School

“The session contained all forms of teacher assessment well stitched together. Excellent!” City of Bristol College

“Outstanding — This was really interesting and I would have liked to have spent much longer on this” Wiltshire College

“Outstanding — Very good with good ideas” Wiltshire College

“Thank you for work this week with us. Your feedback is particularly interesting” Leeds City College

“Thank you for the feedback from Laurie and for his support and guidance during his time here at college. His feedback has been extremely useful for future development and training for the team.” Brooklands College

“Dear Laurie

You will recall you came to see us last term and undertook an 'inspection" of  safeguarding. Our inspection report was published today and we were awarded a grade 2 for safeguarding. I wanted to write to you to personally thank you for the advice you gave me.   I did action the ' high risk' areas you suggested prior to our Ofsted Inspection.” North West Kent College

“Just to let you know, inspection went extremely well last week and safeguarding was seen as outstanding!”
Farnborough College of Technology

From my personal experience I have found Laurie to be very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and very supportive in ensuring that my centre quality assurance processes are rigorous and meet the awarding body criteria. This approach has ensured that we have, to date, always had very successful External Verifier visits.
South Devon College

“ thank you very much – your help and support has certainly worked...
Thanks for all your support and sound guidance!  I know it’s your job, but the support is really being delivered effectively and positively and it’s helping us a lot...

Thank you for a really “outstanding” (Grade 1) day yesterday, everyone enjoyed it and found it very useful and thanks for the comments...”

Bournemouth Adult Learning